Hi there! I’m posting my first ever fic here. It’s a Dobsley rpf. English is not my mother tongue. Please feel free to give me any grammatical corrections and I’d like to know if I should write more chapters. I’d really appreciate it if you’d share your thoughts with me. Thanks! :)

This is happening middle of 2011 and early filming days of season 3 of TVD.

Title: Fate
Fandom: RPF
Pairings: Paul/Nina
Rating: T ( For now I guess)
Disclaimer: I have no intention of harming anyone. I’m doing this only for fun. I have no personal connections with any of the actors.

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Nian RPF: "A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words"

Title: A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words
Author: sophiathorn
Words: 492
Genre(s): Drama/Romance
Rating: T (Two swear words!)
Summary: Nian RPF that was inspired by that new picture of them kissing.
I feel like their lives are going to be super hectic right now. 
I hope that they will not be getting into any trouble! 
This is a drabble about their reaction to the news.


[celebs] paul/nina/ian - she's in the mi

[ian/nina/paul] it's all about perspective

Title: it's all about perspective
Fandom: rpf (real person fic)
Characters: paul wesley, nina dobrev, ian somerhalder, mentions of other cast and crew.
Word Count: 6,980 (eep!)
Rating: nc-17
Spoilers: none ♥
Disclaimer: rpf is my guilty pleasure. if it's not yours, this is not the place for you to be.
Summary: Nina and Paul are talking in a corner. His arms are crossed over his chest and he’s looking down at the floor, not at her. Ian knows this means something, because Paul always looks at Nina. Even when he’s not supposed to.

it's all about perspective

[ian / paul] he ain't heavy

three fics I wrote - one gen and two slash [Ian/Paul]

Title: Group Hug?
Fandom: [RPF] Real Person Fiction
Pairing: Gen - Nina POV
Rating: G+
Word count: 324
Shooting a scene in the graveyard, out in the cold. Nina has the Flu, Ian can't talk and Paul is just caught in the middle.


Title: Please
Fandom: [RPS] Real Person Slash 
Pairing: Ian Somerhalder / Paul Wesley
Rating: NC-17-ish? 
Word count: 1,410
Set during the S2/3 hiatus - Stefan's new storylines are really taking their toll on Paul.


Title: Some Like It As Is
Prompt: Let's not get married even if it's legal - fine as we are - inspired by full version HERE
Fandom: [RPS] Real Person Slash 
Pairing: Ian Somerhalder / Paul Wesley
Rating: PG-15

+ General Disclaimer:
I have no association with these actors or TVD.

spn: sam: always the freak

Envy: Ian/Paul: Rated T+ [one-shot]

Title: Envy
Author: Mina
Prompt: #281 Interrogation
Fandom: [RPS] Real Person Slash
Pairing / Characters: Ian Somerhalder / Paul Wesley
Rating: T+
Warnings: slash – boy-kissing and implications
Word Count: 942
Disclaimer: I do not have any connection to The CW, nor any of the actors mentioned, sadly.
Summary: Paul tries to hide his jealousy as Ian cosies up to his friends at an afterparty.
A/N: I always love the pictures of actors @ The CW Upfront Parties, where they’re all mingling. It always makes me giddy. This pic inspired the fic.

“Not when you look like that,” he insisted calmly, reaching down to tug at his hand, curling fingers to his palm gently, thumb stroking the inside of his wrist.