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Hi there! I’m posting my first ever fic here. It’s a Dobsley rpf. English is not my mother tongue. Please feel free to give me any grammatical corrections and I’d like to know if I should write more chapters. I’d really appreciate it if you’d share your thoughts with me. Thanks! :)

This is happening middle of 2011 and early filming days of season 3 of TVD.

Title: Fate
Fandom: RPF
Pairings: Paul/Nina
Rating: T ( For now I guess)
Disclaimer: I have no intention of harming anyone. I’m doing this only for fun. I have no personal connections with any of the actors.

“Cut!” Julie Plec yelled. “Good job everybody. Let’s have our 30-minute break, guys.”
As soon as Paul heard her, he directly stormed out from the studio to his trailer and glad that nobody noticed.

He couldn't deny to himself that for the whole day he hadn't been the usual him.
He locked the door behind him as he stepped into his trailer. He clearly wanted to be alone for the moment. He was becoming tired of putting up a face the whole time.

He sat on the edge of his bed and kept staring at the brown envelope on his coffee table which was handed to him earlier that day.

He wondered why one of the most important events in his life had to come to a certain point which he never anticipated or even expected.

He was shaken away from his thoughts as he heard a brief knock on his door. Then he took a deep breath, rubbing his palms on his pants and composed himself.

He opened the door and saw Nina.

Paul could tell that she was clearly worried as he met her eyes.

“Hey.” Paul smiled, trying to put a face.

“Whose ass am I going to kick?” Nina said, frowning with her hands on her waist as she pushed her way into the trailer.

Paul let out an exasperated sigh and smiled at her. He then closed the door behind him.

Nina sat on the edge of his bed arching her eyebrows, coaxing for him to talk.

Paul and Nina had grown closer as they have been working together for the past 3 years. No matter how much they tried putting up a face or a brave front, both could always tell the difference.
He stood in front of her, for a brief moment he was silent. He ran his a hand on his hair—still collecting his thoughts.

“What are you—the brooding Stefan now?” Nina said, trying to lighten up the atmosphere as she had sensed that something was really up.

Paul laughed a little as he heard Nina’s words. No matter how tensed the atmosphere is both of them always managed to lighten up the mood.

But then her expression changed. He saw the serious-concerned look on her face. “You know that you could always talk to me about anything, right?”

He nodded and grabbed the brown envelope from his coffee table. He handed the envelope as he sat next to her.

Nina took glances at him as she took the brown envelope from him, not getting used to seeing him somber.

“Open it up.” He told Nina, not wanting to see the documents again. “I received that envelope this morning.”

“This is a divorce petition.”

AN: So, what do you think guys? :)
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